Mobile Device Management

Casper Focus for iPad

A solution made to measure for iPad management.

Go beyond the blackboard.


Focus students on apps or websites, and ease transitions by sending customized messages to student iPads to bring attention back to the teacher. Focus can be directed at groups or individual devices to provide a personalized classroom experience and the modern approach to “pencils down”.

Transform the classroom with individualised learning.

Use and manage iPads in the classroom has never been so easy for teachers.

Turn the iPad into the ultimate testing tool with just a couple of taps.

Synchronisation of technology has never been so simple

Casper Focus integrate the VPP ( volume purchase program) and DEP (device enrolment program) that helps you keep and redistribute apps from class to class instead of buying them again and again.

Educational Apps for iPad

  • Monkey Junior

    Comprehensive program developed by early educational experts to teach children to read by visualising the whole learning process with images and videos.

  • The hedgehog adventures

    This apps help your kids work with their memory and logical skills. The different games will need them to focus and pay attention, as well as use their space intelligence.

  • Funny maths

    Your kid is going to love doing maths. Exercices are presented as games with levels and objectives to reach.

  • My first spelling game

    If you want your student or kid to be a better speller, this is exactly what you are looking for.

  • Farm animals

    An interactive imagery including the names of the animals in four languages, their songs and a quiz. A very stimulating playful and interactive approach designed by parents with the help of a school teacher.

  • Slice fraction

    A studio lead by researchers at the University of Montreal (UQAM) shows that the app Slice Fractions improve significantly students performance.