Mobile Device Management

Casper Suite MDM for iOS

Easier, Faster and more efficient.

Personalize the classroom experience with better access to rich educational sources in a click with Casper Suite.

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Collect and managed easily all the hardware, software and security datas and create custom reports and alerts.

Enroll devices, configure settings, and distribute apps and content automatically. Using the leading Apple MDM software, provision the perfect Mac, iPad, or iPhone for your users.

Manage device settings and configurations, restrict malicious software, and patch all of your Apple devices without requiring user interaction.

Empower users with your own app store so they have the ability to install apps, update software, and set up and configure their own device without a help desk ticket.

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Everything you need to succeed

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Apps for students and teachers

  • Socrative Quizz & Survey

    Socrative is your classroom app for fun, effective classroom engagement. No matter where or how you teach, Socrative allows you to instantly connect with students as learning happens.Quickly assess students with prepared activities or on-the-fly questions to get immediate insight into student understanding. Then use auto-populated results to determine the best instructional approach to most effectively drive learning.

  • Book Creator

    The simple way to create your own beautiful ebooks, right on your tablet.
    Ideal for children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on.

  • Edmodo Learn everywhere

    The safest and easiest way for teachers to connect and collaborate with students, parents, and each other. Become part of the leading global education platform and see how easy it is to bring everyone together, all in one place.

  • ClassDojo your behavioral partner

    Create a positive classroom culture by helping students grow by sharing regular, positive feedback in class and on their own portfolios. A shy student raising her hand? Share a +1 for ‘participating’ — or even 'bravery!' — to help your students make good choices.

  • Geometry pad

    Your personal assistant for learning geometry and understanding key concepts of geometry through practice.
    You can create basic geometric shapes, explore and change their properties and calculate their measurements.

  • Planets guide

    Discover what the planets and constellations look like outside the visible spectrum with this guide to the solar system in 3D. Direct your camera to the sky to spot the planets and stars in your field of view with the augmented reality function.