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ART Computer is recognized as an Apple Authorised Education Specialist. With this expertise, we have an interdisciplinary team of consultants to help you manage Apple's products and ecosystem.

The company was born out of the need to transform teaching and learning practices and respond to the challenges and opportunities of our time.

We have over 25 years of experience working with private and public institutions around the world to bring digital transformation and innovation solutions to Education.

Our objectives

Ensure that students acquire the skills necessary to survive and succeed in the 21st century.

Partner with schools and departments to reimagine and create new models of learning.

Prepare teachers and school leaders with the digital skills and tools they need to lead this transformation.

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Why do we do it

We believe education has more ambitious goals than just preparing students for entering the workforce. Schools need to prepare students for jobs that have not been created, technologies that have not been invented, and to address challenges that we can’t yet imagine. As such, it is our responsibility to equip new generations with the skills, tools, agency, and purpose that will allow them to build a better world. While the challenge is daunting, we are convinced, it also presents remarkable opportunities for innovation, creativity, collaboration, and transformation at a global level.

"Education today should be oriented towards empowering students as lifelong learners and change makers in their communities, whilst developing skills and values that encourage personal development oriented towards collective impact."

How we do it

As an interdisciplinary team of consultants, problem-solvers, innovators and change agents, we think and work together to inspire and develop innovative teaching and learning practices through relevant pedagogies. We incorporate digital tools in the learning experience in a way that enhances the skills of both students and teachers, such as creativity, communication, collaboration, as well as socio-emotional abilities that shape our identity and interaction with the world.

By following our guiding principles of innovation, creativity, collaboration, and transformation, and after having worked with over 300 schools, we are convinced that technology offers extraordinary opportunities to achieve new learning while reinforcing the best practices and identity of each institution.

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